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Painting and decorating is essential if you want to keep your property looking stylish and fresh. Whether it’s on the inside or the outside there is no doubt that a new lick of paint can transform tired looking walls into striking, colourful ones that define any living space. Heart-warming shades add depth which creates a relaxing atmosphere, with a touch of elegance. Neutral colours can be used to find the right hue for your rooms.

Undecorated Room

Undecorated Room

Decorated Room

Decorated Feature Wall

Internal Painting

Internally, choosing a finish comes alongside choosing a colour, normal options include flat matt, matt, a water-based eggshell and silk. Some of these contain vinyl to make them more hardwearing. If it’s a bathroom that needs decorating then you should go for a moisture and steam resistant paint and if it’s a kitchen then a stain and steam resistant paint is best.

External Painting

Externally a smooth or textured masonry finish can be used or a quick drying satin to add a subtle sheen to your property. There are lots of colours to choose from, both Sandtex and Dulux offer a wide range of dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof masonry paints.

Woodwork and Metalwork

Either water based or oil based glosses can be used on wood and metal both inside and outside the home. Not forgetting the all important primer and undercoat to get a long lasting finish. It could be your doors or windows that need doing before they start to deteriorate or just the frames that are a little weathered. Other external items may include outdoor furniture, garage doors, gates and fences. Generally anything outside is going to get the worst of it, so it needs that extra protection from the elements.

There is lots to think about when painting and decorating, but we are happy to do the hard work for you. Simply choose your colours and finish and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for materials and labour. If you are confident buying your paints and other materials then we can just give you an overall price to carry out the work or an hourly rate if it is preferred.

If you are looking for painters in Keynsham, please use the contact form on this page to send us an email or call Chris King on 07442 168979 for further information.

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