Gardening Services Keynsham

We offer gardening services Keynsham, Bath and the surrounding Bristol area and this covers any work in your front and back garden as well as any outside space that needs sorting out.

If your lawn needs cutting we can soon do that, if your hedges need cutting or small trees need bringing under control then not a problem.

Perhaps your outside space has become cluttered or overgrown, we are happy to get it back in shape. Removal of waste obviously depends on the amount and what it is.

We can even put in new plants if you haven’t got the time. We aren’t claiming to be¬†horticulturist experts but we know the basics and are always happy to see new plants flourishing in customers gardens. We can put up hanging baskets to make your outside walls looks more decorative. If your lawn is looking patchy we could apply a growing solution or if you have a weed problem we can either remove them or apply a moss and weed killer if they are out of control.

Gardening is fun, but we appreciate it is hard work. We have the energy and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty so if you need any kind of gardening work doing then get in touch.

If you are looking for a gardening services Keynsham please fill out the form on the right of this page or call Chris King on 07442 168979 for further information.

Gardening Services Keynsham Photo Gallery

Below is a photo gallery showing one of our small gardening jobs near Keynsham, which firstly involved tidying the area and removing any unwanted shrubs. The hedges were also cut back in front of the house and on the surrounding fence. The flower bed was de-weeded before planting the new rose bushes. To complete, a new weed control membrane was laid before adding Cotswold Chippings to give the area colour and a more decorative look. Please use the arrows on the image to click through the gallery.